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coolsculpting clinic birmingham uk

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What People Say About Dr jane

Dr Jane gave me sound advice and the follow-up was even better. I’m really happy with the results!

Mary smith

Elaine, Edgbaston, Birmingham

coolsculpting clinic birmingham
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More than 6,000,000 CoolSculpting procedures have been performed worldwide
coolsculpting clinic birmingham uk

CoolSculpting Before & After Photos

coolsculpting tummy birmingham
Tummy Before Coolsculpting
coolscupting tummy before and after birmingham
Tummy After Coolsculpting
back before coolsculpting
Back Before Coolsculpting
Back After Coolsculpting

How Does coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by freezing those pesky pockets of fat most of us have. It’s non invasive, which means no needles, phew! There’s no pain, though it will feel a little chilly whilst we carry out the treatment. What happens to the fat? The fat is naturally eliminated through your body and once the fat cells are frozen, the good news is they cannot  return. You can expect to see results within a few weeks.

The fat freezing science behind CoolSculpting was developed by a team of Harvard University scientists. As such it has undergone rigorous testing both to ensure patient safety and patient satisfaction.  CoolSculpting is FDA approved, in fact it is the only FDA approved fat freezing treatment. CoolSculpting treatments have been carried out on over 6million patients, it is the number one fat freezing treatment. Unsurprisingly, CoolSculpting continues to win award after award, from beauty and clinical experts alike. And you know, at Yugen Clinic, we have our pick of treatments, we chose CoolSculpting as it delivers what it promises. So our patients are happy. And if they’re happy, we’re happy.

coolscupting fat cells
Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.
coolsculpting fat cells
CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.
coolsculpting fat cells
In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates dead cells.
coolsculpting fat cells
CoolSculpting results are long term, because treated fat cells are gone.

Which areas can coolsculpting treat?

CoolSculpting is wonderfully versatile. With outcomes previously only ever made possible through invasive surgery. Now, in many cases surgery is seen as a last resort. CoolSculpting leads the way in transforming those stubborn, tricky to correct areas.

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

before and after chin fat freezing
Chin Before
Chin After
chin before fat freezing
Chin Before
chin after fat freezing
Chin After
male chin before coolsculpting
Chin Before
male chin after fat freezing
Chin After
Chin Before
male chin after fat freezing
Chin After
chin before male coolsculpting
Chin Before
chin after male fat freezing
Chin After
bra roll fat
Bra Puff Before
bra fat after fat freezing
Bra Puff After
tummy coolsculpting
Stomach Before
tummy coolsculpting birmingham
Stomach After
Stomach Before
after photo stomach fat freezing
Stomach After
Back Fat Before
get rid of back fat
Back Fat After
get rid of bingo wings
Bingo Wings Before
Bingo Wings After

how many coolscuplting treatments will I need?

When Dr Jane examines you she will know how many treatments you need. This will depend on where the fat is, the firmness of the fat and expected outcomes.

how will I know if i'm suitable for coolscuplting?

That’s a very good question.  Despite the plethora of ‘too good to be true’  adverts, not everyone is a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Rest assured if after examination we deem that you’re not a suitable candidate will will not carry out the procedure. There may be alternative treatments that can help, we’ll discuss these with you. At Yugen Clinic we want you to make the right decision based on evidence not marketing hype. After all, this is your body, so let’s take really good care of it.

coolsculpting double chin
Chin and Neck Profile Before Coolsculpting
Chin and Neck Profile After Coolsculpting

how much does coolscuplting cost?

If you’re a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting we’ll devise an affordable treatment and care plan for you. 

back fat before coolsculpting
Back Fat Before CoolSculpting
back fat after coolsculpting
Back Fat After CoolSculpting

what should i do next?

Follow These 4 Simple Steps

Step One: Book a free consultation with Dr Jane
best doctor for coolsculpting
Step Two: Dr Jane will assess your suitability for CoolSculpting
Step Three: Lie back and feel the chill whilst Dr Jane freezes away your stubborn fat
exercise after coolsculpting
Step Four: Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine

why coolsculpting?

By Doctor Jane Holloran

“CoolSculpting is one of my favourite treatments. You will shed fat but not pounds! This treatment is perfect for stubborn pockets or zones of fat that resist exercise and your best diet efforts.

Is it right for you? Book a free consultation and we’ll assess your suitability.”

Dr Jane Holloran

Over 6 million treatments worldwide

Results may vary

look your best

“I love it when my clients leave the practice with a warm fuzzy glow. You know you have made a real difference to someone’s confidence.”

– Dr Jane

coolsculpting clinic birmingham uk

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